About the Society

The Western Pennsylvania Society of Adlerian Psychology (WPSAP) was established in 2002 to promote the knowledge, training, and teaching of the Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler. Membership is encouraged from educators, psychologists, business people, physicians, counselors, social workers, parents, and students. We are an affliate of the North American Society of Adlerian Pscyhology.

Alfred Adler’s Individual Psychology, or Adlerian Psychology, is based on understanding individuals within their social context. Adler focuses on the unity of the individual. Individuals are motivated to find a way to belong in whatever social setting they find themselves. They strive to move from minus situations to plus situations. Their behavior is purposeful and goal-directed. Read more…

Adlerian Psychology seeks to help the individual find a meaningful way to belong in a society as well as to lend a hand to others or, in the words of Adler himself, to become “socially interested”.

For an excellent elaboration on the necessity for more extensive application of Adlerian methods, see this article.

WPSAP meets bimonthly for an educational program that addresses an interesting aspect of Adlerian Psychology.

Membership: Any interested person who actively supports the purpose of the Western Pennsylvania Society of Adlerian Psychology may become a member. A person becomes an active member upon receipt of initial application for membership and payment of yearly dues of $40 ($15 for students). Benefits of membership include: a bimonthly newsletter via email; bimonthly educational program; discounted Continuing Education credits, when offered by NASAP through WPSAP; discounted registration fees for conferences & workshops; and the opportunity for dialogue on Adlerian theory and interpretations of behavior.


About us

Patricia A. Walton-Donalies (President) has a Master in Education degree in Guidance and Counseling and over 30 years experience working with children and their families. Pat is a licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in the District of Columbia and is a Care Manager for Community Care Behavior Health.  Pat is especially well versed in effective behavior management techniques for addressing children’s misbehavior. As an Adlerian trained practitioner, Pat has shared her expertise with parents and professionals in Pennsylvania, the District of Columbia and South Carolina.  Pat is a member of the North American Society of Adlerian Psychology and is a founding member and current president of the Western Pennsylvania Society of Adlerian Psychology.

Paula Cellini has a Masters in Professional Counseling with 15 years of experience working with children, women and families.  Paula is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Pennsylvania and is Vice President of the Western Pennsylvania Society of Adlerian Psychology. She manages the Health and Wellness Center at Bethlehem Haven, providing mental health care for women.  Paula has used Adlerian Theory with children, parents and individuals, using Adlerian core concepts to educate parents and help adults obtain clarity and address their basic psychological needs.

Jessica Moskal graduated from Chatham University with a Masters in Counseling Psychology in December 2012. She is the social media and website manager for the Western Pennsylvania Society of Adlerian Psychology. She currently works at UPMC Mercy Hospital as a mental health specialist in the department of emergency medicine.